A photo from our family's last visit to Vietnam.

Dear The Han River customers,

It's bittersweet for us to write this. We're sad and deeply grateful to announce The Han River Restaurant will no longer serve pho and related Vietnamese dishes starting on April 30th, 2022. We will be switching to serving specialized bubble teas and delicious snacks on May 8th, 2022

This past March marked the eleventh year of the Han River. When our parents opened the restaurant in the Spring of 2011, they wanted to build a home where food is the spoken language to transcend their immigrant experience. More than a decade later, we've served authentic Central Vietnamese cooking to many beloved customers and welcomed them to our home. COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact on our business just like it has on so many other businesses. We are grateful to still be able to operate everyday and still be in business.

As we are getting older, our priorities in life have changed to serving the community and spending more time with our family and friends. The business pivot will allow us more time to do things we would like to do and at the same time serve our community in a new and exciting way.

Come and grab your favourite bowl of Pho before we close on April 30th for remodelling and of course, we'd love to see you on May 8th for our opening of the bubble tea shop. We're so grateful for your immense support and would not be able to take this leap of faith without you. So thank you from the bottom of our heart!