The Han River Restaurant

The Han River Restaurant
Attention: We are currently closed due to a family emergency. We will reopen on Monday June 27. Thank you for your understanding.

A photo from our family's last visit to Vietnam.

Our family grew up in Central Vietnam where people are known for being resilient and bold. Our parents made the biggest sacrifice to move to the States for us, leaving behind a comfortable life and endearing families.
In the new land, we struggled to communicate, to adapt and to be happy. We didn’t feel home. However, our nature of resilience had moved us forwards and brought the Han River Restaurant to life. We finally found home.
The smell of pho broth, the chewy texture of dad’s dumpling, the fragrance of fish sauce, mom yelling, dad laughing, joy and fulfillment. That’s home. We welcome you to our home and enjoy the home cook meal with our family.